Pack of 10 Fine Quality
Model Painting Brushes

Product Code: FS-2

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Item Description

A 10 brush Assortment of fine quality brushes ideal for all types of model making especially for wargaming figures where intricate detail is a necessity. The photograph is indicative of the range supplied and assortments may vary slightly to the photo, however a full assortment of sizes will always be supplied to facilitate the full range of effects. High quality brushes in perfect working order will Always be supplied.

Most are synthetic and where possible we will try and include sable. Its a general assortment of decent quality brushes to do modelling work. I buy factory seconds that cant be sold through shops because they may have a printing error or a little paint chip or something similar. There is nothing wrong with the heads or the way they perform.

The 10 brush assortment will have brushes ranging from the finest detail to larger sizes including two or three flats.

These brushes work out at £1.25p each - an absolute bargain! These type of brushes normally retail in the region of between £2.50 - £5.50 each

These brushes are ideal for painting all types of miniature models plus a multitude of other things!

Many of the Warhammer / Foundry / Army Painter etc use fine quality brushes to create the desired effects and the top quality finish required.

The sizes included cover all the equivalents to the general sizes known as FINE DETAIL / DETAIL / STANDARD / BASECOAT / LARGE BRUSH / WASH BRUSH / FLAT LARGE AREA COVERAGE

The round brushes point wonderfully well and the flats hold a sharp chisel edge.

PLEASE NOTE: Good feedback is also very important, hence i normally include one or two extra brushes in case any are slightly faulty. They shouldn't be as each brush despite being a factory second is stringently checked, so in most cases they will be a bonus! Please see feedback comments.

ALSO, it may be a good idea to save me as a seller because I will have special offers from time to time when I get overstocks of some brushes/sizes.