Synthetic Mix
Model Painting Brushes

Product Code: MP-3

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Item Description


Similar to the Warhammer Citadel style of brushes, and made to the same exacting standards, this set is perfect to create the whole range of effects involved in all styles of model painting.

The round brushes are designed to hold a good quantity of colour whilst maintaining wonderful spring and control and giving a sharp working point. This will allow you to paint the most intricate detail or cover larger areas using the larger sizes. The dry brushes, generally used for highlighting textured surfaces are made from a blend of ox hair and synthetic, and these have just the right consistency and spring to do the job with ease.

All the brushes are made to a very high standard and the round synthetic brushes point wonderfully well. The brushes themselves are very classy, containing beautifully finished gun metal ferrules which are then mounted on pearlescent handles.

If you prefer Sable hair brushes which are softer and hold more colour then please see an alternative set under "other items".

This Set comprises of 10 brushes which are listed as follows:-

  • FINE DETAIL - Synthetic Hair
  • DETAIL - Synthetic Hair
  • STANDARD - Synthetic Hair
  • BASECOAT - Synthetic Hair
  • LARGE - Synthetic Hair
  • WASH - Synthetic Hair
  • SMALL DRY BRUSH - Firm Natural Hair
  • MEDIUM DRY BRUSH - Firm Natural Hair
  • LARGE DRY BRUSH - Firm Natural Hair
  • STIPPLER - Stiff Synthetic