Fingerprint /
Crime Scene Brush

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Item Description

This brush was originally designed as a fingerprint or crime scene brush. But in fact it is the perfect powder or blusher brush as it will work to the same effect.

We are simply selling off excess stock at a knock down price. Some professional make up brushes of this quality are marketed at simply astronomical prices yet this brush which comes housed in a thick perspex tube which is great for storage and acts as protection for the brush represents amazing value. It also makes a great gift.

The brush has a perspex handle which fits neatly into the stopper of the protective tube. The ferrule is chrome finish and the hair used is made of soft wave synthetic which is now commonly used within the cosmetics industry. The "Wave" is a series of kinks in the hair which allow the brush to hold volumes of powder and distribute it evenly.

The brushes are made to a very high standard and feel absolutely exquisite.